How to Write an Account Statement. Effectively manage cash flow in your company by generating updated statements on all active customer accounts. Create a simple template form. Then follow the steps below to insert the transaction data supplied by your accounting personnel. You can then print and send the account statement to your customers.

Step 1.

Use any spreadsheet or wordprocessing computer program. Open a template file or create a template from scratch. Create a new folder for "Account Statements." Place the folder on the computer desktop.

Step 2.

Click on the template icon and rename the template, "AAA-Account Statement Template." The template will appear first in the folder's list of documents so that it can be easily accessed when new account statements are created. Open the template. Save it under a specific title, such as "Smith Account Statement."

Step 3.

Insert the company's name and complete mailing address. Add the statement date and due date for recent charges. Under "Statement of Account," type the customer's full name and mailing address. Add the customer contact information, including website, fax number, business and mobile phone numbers.

Step 4.

Put the account's current balance in the first row of the first column. Write "None" if no balance exists. Display dates for new charges under the current balance in the first column. Indicate the specific charge on the same row as the date.

Step 5.

Skip to the "Credits" column on the same row. Insert specific credits to the account, if any. Calculate the sum of the current charge and previous balance.

Step 6.

Subtract any credits. The difference provides the new amount owed on the account. Write this amount in the last column, "Current Account Balance."