Infomercials are 30- or 60-minute long television programs that have the promotion and sale of a product as their main objective. The length of infomercials allows promoters to go into much more detail about their product than in a traditional 30- or 60-second commercial. The increasing amount of air time available, due to more and more cable channels, has led to an increase in the prevalence of infomercials.

Car Infomercial

This idea is an infomercial for a relatively inexpensive, sporty car aimed at the male demographic in their late 20s. The premise is a young man whose father is an undertaker and the young man lives at home and doesn't have a car of his own, so has to use the hearse to go on dates. The infomercial depicts various ridiculous situations that result from this, including lines of cars following him as in a funeral procession, laying in the back of the hearse with his girlfriend and being mistaken for dead, and spending $300 to fill the gas tank. The commercial ends when he finally saves enough money to buy the sporty little car. End of commercial: He's riding off with his very happy girlfriend over the tagline, “Not dead yet.”

Hot Sauce Infomercial

Contestants are brought into the studio and engaged in a contest to make the hottest chili. The humor results from contestants being required to eat each other's chili and attempting not to react to the insanely hot things they are eating because they want people to believe that their own chili is the hottest. The winner, of course, has used the hot sauce that is being advertised.

Exercise Machine Infomercial

A 30-minute infomercial consisting of a demonstration of various exercise machines hosted by a fitness guru and people who are interested in getting in shape try out the various machines. A contest is held in which prospective buyers are pitted against one another, on treadmills or rowing machines, and told that whoever is able to continue running or rowing on the machine for the longest will win the machine. The resultant suffering would lead to great hilarity, although there may be liability issues if someone were to suffer a heart attack or other injury. The winner would be brought back for another infomercial the next year, having lost 100 pounds and being in the best shape of his life.