How to Sell Radio Station Air Time. Provide affordable advertising to your customers with radio air time. This is usually a lower cost option compared to television advertising. Both the production expenses for creating a radio spot and the air time itself can be thousands less than television. Narrow your advertiser's focus to their audience with radio. Arbitron and other research companies help provide demographic information for potential clients to help create a targeted marketing campaign.

Step 1.

Create a prospect list by asking for referral business, competitor clients, other media and telephone directories. Qualify leads by asking questions to ensure that the radio station can be of mutual benefit.

Step 2.

Present the sales pitch using fliers, brochures, PowerPoint presentations and examples of successful campaigns. Professional presentations leave a positive, lasting impression of the radio station.

Step 3.

Take questions from the potential client. Listening to concerns relieves doubts in the mind of the would-be advertiser.

Step 4.

Sell the "sizzle." Create the image of how this advertising campaign will bolster sales and how your radio station can provide the avenue to reach that goal.

Step 5.

Close the deal by asking for their business. Have proposals ready and ask the customer to sign the contract on the spot.

Step 6.

Handle any customer objections. Solidify your sales pitch with a chance to discuss concerns.

Step 7.

Follow up after the sale. Stay in contact with the customer to make sure the advertising campaign is working for the client.


Don't give up if a customer says no at first. No may mean not right now.