Election Handout Pamphlets Layout & Design Ideas

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Election pamphlets are essential when promoting a candidate. Voters need to have easy access to campaign platforms to make an educated decision. The layout and design of your pamphlet will determine how many people read it and, ultimately, become persuaded by it. The pamphlet should be eye catching and informative.

Brochure Form

One idea for your election pamphlet involves designing it based on a brochure layout using stiff, legal sized paper and creating a tri-fold. Create a design with bright colors, bold fonts and a large picture of the candidate on the front page to catch voters' attention. List contact information and additional resources on the back. Briefly highlight the candidate's main platforms in the middle section. All writing should be in a persuasive style.

Voter's Guide

Create a pamphlet that resembles the main U.S. voter's guide. Stick to 12-point font with black-and-white print. The official layout and design will create an instant association to voting in general. Using a voter's guide format will also create the impression of objectivity. However, you must use persuasive writing, making your candidate and her platforms appear as the best choice. Explain each key issue in detail, highlighting the views of your candidate.


Around election time, the public will become bombarded with candidate advertisements. To make yours stand out and create a lasting impression with the voters, design a multipurpose pamphlet. For example, create a small flip-book-style pamphlet with a magnet on the back, which gives voters the opportunity to take the magnet home and use it on their refrigerator. When voters then has free time while waiting for food to cook in the kitchen, they will read through the pamphlet and become persuaded to vote for your candidate. Other ideas include designing your pamphlet to resemble a calendar, clipboard or bookmark. Regardless of the design, use bring colors and clear font for your multipurpose pamphlet.


Designing a standard flier is also an effective way to create an election pamphlet. With a seemingly endless amount of information thrown at voters, a short, aesthetically pleasing flier may provide the most incentive to read. Once voters becomes interested in the topic, they will be more likely to research your candidate extensively at home. To create an eye-catching flier, design it with bright colors, large fonts and an interesting picture of your candidate. For example, highlight a picture and brief description of your candidate working at a local soup kitchen. The new topic will provoke interest. Place the photo in the center of your flier, creating a focal point on a visually stimulating idea. Include information about other resources the voter can research.