How to Donate Pet Supplies to the Humane Society

How to Donate Pet Supplies to the Humane Society. The Humane Society is dedicated to the care and wellbeing of animals. The number of animals that are abandoned or in need of a loving home is overwhelming and so is the need for pet supplies. Use the following for suggestions or ideas on learning what and how to donate pet supplies to the Humane Society.

Call or stop by the Humane Society in your area to see what they are most in need of in the way of pet supplies. Many of the locations will have their pet supply needs posted and may even have a wish list of things they need and are just hoping that some good hearted person will make their wish come true.

Check online websites of the Humane Society in your area if you have Internet access. The list and needs for pet supplies are always changing, so check often to know what's needed from month to month.

Furnish basic pet care items that all Humane Societies need on a regular basis. These include dog and cat food, pet snacks, chew toys, kitty litter, pet bedding, blankets or rugs. They are also always in need of pet carriers, pet crates, doggie gates, leashes, collars, harnesses, small plastic swimming pools, pet bowls, feeding trays and water bottles. Don't forget to donate pet shampoo, conditioners, brushes, combs and any other grooming items that might be needed.

Take cleaning supplies to a Humane Society for use in keeping the pet areas clean and free of diseases. They are always in need of paper towels, bath towels, bleach, baking soda, brooms, pooper scoopers, trash bags, trash cans, litter pans and cedar shavings. In addition, your shredded paper makes great bedding for little puppies and kittens.

Give office supplies for use by the staff at the Humane Society. It takes a great deal of copy paper, pens, files, office equipment, computers, desks, phones, copiers and fax machines to keep an average Humane Society in operation to take care of all the incoming pets, meet their needs and try to find good homes for them.

Donate money to the Humane Society to let them buy the exact pet supplies that meet their needs. The money also goes to pay for vet expenses. Many animals are sick or need surgeries and the cost to restore their health can be expensive. Some of the animals have medical conditions so they need medications or drugs to keep them healthy and money donated for these types of pet supplies are more than welcome.

Wash and clean the pet supplies, toys, leashes and bedding that you have at home after the loss of a beloved pet. It's a waste to just throw these pet supplies away when there are so many animals that are in need of them. Leashes and collars will wash up nicely and if you scrub out the pet dishes and wash the bedding as well, they can make fine donated items. Just make sure that everything you donate to the Humane Society is clean.

Make it a point to donate your time to the Humane Society. The need for volunteers to hold and care for animals is always high. Many of the animals need to be walked every day and it takes a great many volunteers to make this happen. You can give "yourself" as a pet supply to the Humane Society.


  • Do not take opened pet food or pet food with expired dates to the Humane Society as it will only be thrown away.