As a manager or business owner, you could employ one of many different types of leadership. Leadership does not always come in the same package with all leaders. Depending on what type of leadership style you use, there could also be some disadvantages associated with it.


One of the most common types of leadership involves trying to manage every last detail of an operation. With this type of management, you might get to oversee more details, but you will also create resentment among your employees. Many employees do not like to be micromanaged, and they will start to dislike your leadership style. This type of leadership fosters distrust with employees because it makes them feel like you cannot trust them to do even the simplest tasks.


One style of leadership that is often employed is the democratic style of leadership. With this type of leadership, the manager defers to the group to help make important decisions. This can create an environment in which employees feel valued, but at the same time, it can take some of the leadership authority away from the leader. People will not expect the leader to make important decisions and will devalue their role in the organization. This can cause problems in the long run as it also leads to a slower process for getting anything done.


Some leaders like to delegate a great deal of responsibility to those underneath them. While this strategy can free up time for the manager, it can also lead to increased mistakes. If the leader delegates too much responsibility, it can overwhelm the lower-level employees and lead to issues. It can also create an unorganized environment in the workplace because this often leads to the leader being absent. Since the lower level employees are authorized to do more, the leader's role is diminished.


Some leaders use a dictating style when leading their employees. With this style of leadership, the leader will make every decision for the group and enforce it strictly. In some situations, this can be a benefit, but at the same time it can lead to problems with the employees. If the employees know that they have no input in what goes on, they will get discouraged with their roles. They will simply defer to the manager in every area instead of using their own common sense as well.