A car delivery business is a comparatively easy entrepreneurial venture because only a driving license and appropriate insurance is needed to get started. A car delivery business can be undertaken on a full-time or part-time basis, depending on how much time and effort you wish to invest in your new business. Once you become established in this business, your venture can become lucrative as you hire additional professional drivers and contract them out for jobs.

Things You Will Need
  • Vehicle(s)

  • Office

  • Computer

  • Website

  • Appropriate insurance

  • Customer relationship management software

Make sure your driving record is clean. Any hint of drinking or speeding offenses will give potential clients an impression of recklessness. If your driving history cannot be cleared, consider hiring other professional drivers to transport the vehicles while you take care of administration.

Check with driver and vehicle licensing agencies to make sure that your drivers license is sufficient for business use in the states in which you will operate. Usually a standard driving license will suffice, but more advanced driving training may be required in some states.

Contact your insurance company and arrange your policy so that you are covered while driving cars belonging to other people for business. Often, you can lower your insurance premium by submitting advanced driving training certificates.

Promote your business. Contact other logistics and moving companies and offer your services. Advertise your services in local newspapers and telephone directories. You can also generate business by approaching real estate agencies. Homebuyers and sellers often need to transport their automobiles. Contact all local car dealerships. It is sometimes cheaper and more time effective for a dealership to have a car driven by a private courier than to employ the services of a car-hauling truck driver.

Maintain professional working relationships with all clients and business partners by making use of customer relationship management software. Stability in business is established by repeat customers who also recommend your services to other potential clients. Consider purchasing an automatic e-mail program and creating a monthly newsletter. Create a professional looking website.


Lower your insurance policy premium by offering a higher voluntary excess.