How to Call Back an Unknown Caller

by Jenna Marie ; Updated September 26, 2017

Whether its business or private, a missed call from an unknown caller may leave you frustrated, especially if you are waiting for important news. If your caller ID notifies you that an unknown caller has tried to reach you, take action and track down the person's phone number and call him back using simple methods set up by your phone company.

Step 1

Pick up the phone before anyone else can call you. Prevent another phone call from coming into your phone line to ensure the last call return feature will work on the phone call you are interested in.

Step 2

Dial 69 on your touchtone phone, which is the standard key sequence that most American phone companies have chosen to launch the return call program. Contact your communications provider for the specific return call code for your system if 69 does not work.

Step 3

Listen to the recorded voice reading the unknown caller's phone number, including the area code. Write the number down if you need to. Listen to the repeat of the recording if you do not have ample time to retrieve the phone number the first time.

Step 4

Press 1 if you want to call the number back right away, when the recording prompts you to. Keep the phone number and return the call at your earliest convenience if you do not want to call back right away. Many phone companies, such as AT&T, Vonage and T-Mobile, offer this call back feature that allows you to immediately connect to the number.

Step 5

Opt to allow the phone system to call you back when the other line is free, if you try to call the unknown person and the line is busy. For example, AT&T will try every 45 seconds, then call your line with a distinctive ring when the connection is made.

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