How to Change Your Yellow Pages Listing

by Michael Roennevig; Updated September 26, 2017
You can update your Yellow Pages listing in minutes.

If you've recently changed any of your business contact details and are worried about losing customers as a result of out-of-date business listings, you can quickly and easily update your presence on Yellow Pages. It just takes a few clicks of a mouse. You'll also be given the chance to change any copy that accompanies your contact details.

Step 1

Navigate to the "Improve your listing" page on the Yellow Pages website.

Step 2

Enter the primary phone number you gave when you set the listing up in the search box and click "Find."

Step 3

Enter additional information as directed to verify that you are the listing owner and proceed to the "Add/change info" screen.

Step 4

Change your listing as required, review and then confirm to action the changes.

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