How to Open a Dial Safe Without the Combination

by Contributing Writer; Updated September 26, 2017
Opening a dial safe without the combination at first might seem like a complex operation.

If you have a dial safe containing valuable personal possessions but you can't remember the combination, you need to figure out a way to open the safe and access your property. Dial safes are often designed with features built-in that allow you to open the safe even if you do not have the combination. You can accomplish the mission with the emergency key.

Step 1

Pull the dial panel off the combination safe. Usually it simply pulls off.

Step 2

Look for the hidden keyhole on the interior panel underneath where the dial rested. This is usually a small round notch in the safe.

Step 3

Insert the emergency key into the emergency keyhole slot.

Step 4

Turn the key clockwise until you hear the safe lock release. Return the key back to its beginning position and remove the key.

Step 5

Turn the handle that opens the safe downward and pull open the safe.

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