How to Find a Restricted Phone Number

by Contributing Writer; Updated September 26, 2017

When the notice "Restricted" appears in your caller ID, you have just received a call from a restricted phone number. An individual can block the origination of a phone call by dialing *67 prior to dialing a phone number. If someone doesn't want you to know his identity when he calls you, he can block the number to keep this information a secret. Finding a restricted phone number is rather difficult. But it can be done if you work hard enough at it.

Step 1

Look at your phone records at the end of the month. Some cell phone and home phone providers list numbers that are restricted on the phone bill. Simply note the date and time the restricted call came into your phone and look for that date and time on the print out of phone calls made and received on the bill. The actual phone number may be there.

Step 2

Have a block put on your phone that notifies callers that you do not accept phone calls from restricted numbers. This will force the individual calling you from a restricted number to unblock his phone number and call you again, if he wants to contact you badly enough.

Step 3

Ask the person who calls as restricted to give you his phone number. Sometimes you can catch someone who calls from a restricted number in a moment of weakness, and he will give you the information.

Step 4

Talk with other people who are getting restricted calls from the same individual. Find out from them if they know what the number is.

Step 5

Have police track the number. If you are getting harassing phone calls from a restricted number, notify law enforcement. They can work to track the number and determine what the number is.

Step 6

Install a toll-free number to use on your phone. When you have a toll-free number (with most providers) and only give out that number instead of your traditional phone number, you automatically receive the numbers of everyone who calls because you're paying for the calls that come to your phone.

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