Woman's Club Charity Event Fundraiser Ideas

by Abby Slutsky

Women's club charity fundraising events can often be planned well in advance. Often the club involves groups of women who are friendly, conveniently located to each other, and have time to put in the needed effort to make the fundraiser a success. There are many fundraisers that are effective. Some rely on fundraising from members within the organization and others extend the opportunity to raise funds outside the organization.

In-house Auction

This event should be planned about six months in advance. It is an auction of member donated goods and services so it will require contacting all members of the organization. Although most people do not enjoy soliciting, asking members for donations is usually easier than asking outside sources. Members can donate anything from a restaurant gift certificate to a service or hobby they can teach. Some possibilities are: a bridge lesson, a handknit scarf, four hours of babysitting, teeth whitening services or a home baked dessert. The list of items is limited only by the donor's imagination. Try to ask a member who has an extravagant home ft she will host the event because the house will help draw attendance. A week before the event, post the items online to members and allow members who cannot attend to bid for items if they cannot attend. Indicate minimum bids and ask if the members have a capped bid if their bid is not the highest at the event. If people want to donate baked items, it is preferable if they make a coupon entitling the purchaser to call them two weeks ahead of time for the item. Ask people wishing to donate desserts if they will prepare one for the day of the event so people can taste it before they bid. This will also provide refreshments for the event. Send out frequent reminders about the event and try to get members involved with setting up and cleaning up the event so that they will come. If possible, arrange complimentary babysitting the night of the event to make attendance easier for members with young children.

Wine Tasting Dinner

Wine tasting should be coordinated several months in advance. This event doubles as a night out and can be enjoyed by couples. Charge a fee and have a wine expert talk about wine pairings. Serve cheese and crackers, appetizers and assorted wine. If your organization wishes to make additional money, this activity could be paired with a progressive dinner. Ask different members to donate courses, and if there are a lot of people, break participants into groups for dinner at different houses. The wine tasting should be at one house, but multiple members can bring appetizers. Dinner is often costly so members may be willing to pay a nice fee to enjoy a meal and wine tasting with their friends.

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Fashion Show

This is a nice event to host around mother's day because it can be combined with a tea or brunch creating an opportunity to mothers and daughters who may not be in the organization. Arrange for a local retailer to give a percentage of profits from sales to the organization. Use members to model clothes since they are likely to purchase items that fit them well. Have someone from the boutique describe the clothes as members walk around modeling items. If possible, have the items in multiple sizes so that participants can try them on and order clothing at the event. Charge a fee for the brunch. If desired, a raffle can be added to this event to bring in extra money.

Email Solicitations

It sounds simple and is surprisingly effective. Direct marketing requesting donations often provides funds. If your organization wants to keep costs down, ask for funds via email. Even if the organization only receives a few hundred dollars, the cost of generating the requests are minimal. Remember to tell people how the money will be used to generate support.

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