Assembly Instructions for Wall Gondola Shelving

by Denise Brown - Updated September 26, 2017

Wall gondola shelving is a key component to any store’s display fixtures. Each wall gondola is self supporting and yet, they can connect with other pieces of gondola shelving as part of a modular system. While two or three shelves are common for most wall gondolas, you can find all sorts of accessories to use with them as well as additional shelving.

Order Your Gondola Shelving

Use your tape measure to figure how many linear feet you need for your wall gondolas. Remember to allow for extra length on each gondola for the end caps.

Decide how high you want your gondola shelving to be. A wall gondola can be somewhat higher than gondolas placed in the middle of the store. Keep in mind that if your gondola shelving is too high, some customers may not be able to easily reach items you place on the top shelves.

Determine how deep you want your gondola shelving to be. Typically, wall gondola shelving has a wider base than top so you can not only have a more visually appealing display, but one that is less likely to topple over.

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Brought to you by Techwalla

Draw a scale drawing of the gondola layout. Mark any areas that need to be free and clear from gondola shelving such as electrical outlets and heat ducts. From this, you can determine how many gondola units you need to order. Also, place your order for any accessories such as pegs, baskets, or additional shelving when you order your gondolas.

Set Up Your Work Area

Unpack the gondola pieces. Make sure everything is in the carton. Unwrap each individual piece. Put all like pieces together. For example, set all the shelves in one area, all the bases in another, and so on. Take time to carefully read the instructions.

Gather any tools listed in your instructions. Typically you need a screwdriver. A level is handy to make sure the shelving sets level with the floor. If you plan to anchor your shelving unit to the wall, you should have an electric drill.

Assemble the Gondola Shelving

Attach the base to the uprights. Make sure the legs of the base snap firmly into place.

Set the wall gondola in place. Use the self-leveling legs that came with it to level the unit. If it doesn’t come with self-levelers, you may need to add shims to level the unit.

Affix the upright posts to the wall. Be sure to attach the unit to studs for a secure anchor. If studs aren’t available, use wall anchors to keep the gondola unit securely fastened to the wall.

Hook the lowest back panel, which is usually pegboard material, into place on the upright. Continue working your way up the gondola until all the back panels are in place.

Place the base shelf directly on the gondola base. Snap it in place. If your model has an enclosed base, finish the enclosure at this time. Snap the upright covers on if your model has them.

Space the remaining shelving however you need it to display your goods. If you ordered extra accessories, attach them as needed to the pegboard on the back panel.

Continue building the modular wall gondola by adding the next gondola unit. Set it up the same as the first unit. When all the wall gondola units are in place, add the end caps.


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