Packing Tape Dispenser Loading Instructions

by April Ort; Updated September 26, 2017

It can be very easy to waste tape and fumble with packages when the tape is not on a dispenser. Though it may seem to already be a simple task, by following a systematic method of inserting packing tape into a dispenser you can streamline your packaging process as well as save time and money.

Matching Tape and Dispenser

Two basic types of packing tape dispensers are available on the market: a simple load-and-pull container with a serrated edge and a hand-held packing tape gun dispenser that is loaded through a system of rollers and plates that allows the user to apply, seal and cut in one, streamlined movement.

Coordinating the dispenser with the correct size and type of packing tape will make your loading efforts a smooth process. The packing tape should fit comfortably into the dispenser without being too snug. The diameter of the roll should also be such that it does not hinder the tape from unraveling. Most dispensers are labeled with the dimensions of the corresponding tape that should be used.

Direction of Tape

Inserting the tape in the correct direction is essential to proper loading of the dispenser. With a packing tape dispenser gun, the adhesive side of the free end of the tape roll should be facing up and in the direction of the serrated edge. The simple dispenser requires that the tape be inserted with the adhesive side facing down and toward the serrated edge.

Routing the Tape

In a dispensing gun, the packing tape should come around the first roller with the adhesive side facing outward. It should then come through a metal plate to present on the front of the dispenser with the adhesive side ready to adhere to your box.

The simple dispenser is labeled that way because of the simple method by which it is loaded. The tape is pulled through an opening between a flat piece of plastic or metal and the serrated edge and is ready to use.

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