How to Plan a Successful Community Event

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A successful community event -- whether it's a block party, fundraiser, church event, cultural festival or just a form of entertainment -- requires organization. You need working committees to share the burden, a clear objective and an enticing theme. Follow some general tips to ensure you'll have a well-attended event.

Assemble the committees that will help you plan the event. Select an appropriate location and come up with a budget. Write out an objective and what you hope to accomplish. Keep the message consistent when communicating with people about your event.

Get the word out about your event. Assemble an email list by pooling information from your group's members. A month before the event, send out announcements so people can mark the date on their calendars. Then closer to the date, send out more information with details of the event to drum up more interest. The day before and the day of the event, send out last-minute reminders for people who don't realize what day it is or forgot the date of your event.

Send an announcement to your local newspaper for publication. Put up fliers around town to target your audience.

Make personal contacts when you're out in the community and tell people you hope to see them there. They will be much more likely to come because they know you will be looking for them.

Select food for the event. Many people will assume there will just be cookies, chips and soda, so they either won't come or will eat before they come. Have food that will entice them. While pizza or sandwiches are easy, consider a barbecue if it is in a place where people will smell the cooking. People are more likely to leave their house and come if they smell chicken on the grill.

Get interesting speakers to address your event and motivate the audience.

Use follow-up communications if the event will be repeated in the future. Talk to people who didn't come and casually mention how much fun it was. They may regret missing it and come the next time. Put up pictures of all the fun you had.


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