How to Organize a Pancake Breakfast

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In this carbohydrate-obsessed world, planning a pancake breakfast can be as sticky as syrup. Never fear, they're one of the easiest and most popular fund-raisers to pull off. Start flipping those hot cakes!

See 373 Plan an Organizational Meeting and 381 Plan a Fund- Raising Event. Form committees to oversee the budget, menu planning, setup, supplies, cooking, publicity and cleanup.

Find a venue such as a school, church or synagogue, or fire house with an existing kitchen. Otherwise you'll have to rent cooking equipment, tables and chairs, and get a food permit.

Factor in rental fees, supplies, equipment and food, and set prices accordingly. Set tiered ticket prices: Kids under 2 eat free; youngsters aged 3 to 18 and seniors get a discount, and adults pay full price. Remember, you'll need to make a profit in order to raise money.

Encourage businesses to kick in. Perhaps a grocery store can contribute the pancake mix, bacon, syrup and milk. Other businesses can underwrite the cost of table and chair rentals, for example, in exchange for an ad in the event program. State your event's objective when requesting a donation.

Hold a meeting the day before the big gig to confirm that the venue is ready to go. Arrange to pick up the ingredients. Review with committee members tasks such as setting and clearing tables, garbage patrol, and cooking and serving food.


  • Give all volunteers and corporate contributors a mention in a flyer or an ad--and a big thank-you (in writing) when the event is over.

  • Raffle off or have a silent auction of donated items to raise more money. Or sell ads on placemats.

  • Keep the kids occupied with face-painting or balloon animals.

  • Music is key. For a quiet Sunday breakfast, hire a harpist--or raise the roof with a gospel choir.

  • Read 372 Publicize an Event.

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