Cheap Bulk Items That Can Be Sold at Flea Markets

by Carmen Laboy; Updated September 26, 2017

While flea markets are traditionally places to sell antique furniture and household items, cheap products bought in bulk or by the gross are increasingly popular. These products are generally low cost and easy to find, but you should pay at least some attention to quality, since broken and unattractive items are not likely to sell well.

Food Stuffs

Food is an ever popular item at many flea markets. With bored children being forced to come along by parents, you are certain to sell if you offer candy. Try buying unique candies that are generally unavailable in your area. Specialty and foreign sweets also sell well. If you have access to cheap farm produce like fruits and vegetables or have an abundant supply from your garden, you can sell fruits and veggies.

Trendy Goods

Glance through magazine to get ideas for new trends. magazines, but to enjoy the sales, you'll have to act fast. Check out popular kids toy of the season and find a cheap imitation. Keep it near the cash register and put a sign on it advertising a low price. These kinds of purchases are impulse buys. Trends range from children's toys to the newest women's clothing or shoes. These products also include things like drinks, ponchos or umbrellas in wet areas, hats in sunny areas and more.


In the summer and just before Christmas, toys become the hottest ticket at flea markets. Look for things that fit easily in a stocking or make packets with a variety of small toys. Summer toys like squirt guns, flying discs, and water toys also sell well.

Household Objects

Household supplies are always necessary and have a market. Plastic or glass dishes, cups, bowls and saucers can be bought and sold relatively cheaply. You can also sell drying racks, sponges, plug stoppers and anything for the kitchen or bathroom. Curtain and rugs also sell well.

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