Grants for Child Care Playground Improvement

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Child care providers can apply for grants to make improvements to their facilities, including playgrounds. These grants are sponsored by federal and state government agencies as well as nonprofit organizations. Applicants must meet the requirements set by the grant program in order to be eligible. Recipients of the grants are not obligated to pay the money back.

Alameda County Facilities Grant

Child care centers and providers in Alameda County, California, can apply for grants to improve playgrounds under the Facility Grant Program. The grant amounts can reach $50,000. Recipients can use the money to start up or expand a child care business. Construction, renovation and equipment costs are covered under the grant terms. Applicants must be a nonprofit organization and focus their services on infants with special needs and/or low-income residents.

Child Care and Development Block Grant

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Child Care and Development Block Grant is awarded to help parents and child care facilities. Eligible grant applicants include state agencies, U.S. territories and tribal governments. The grants call for agencies to help low-income parents with their child care expenses, provide them with consumer materials about their child care choices and develop programs to suit the needs of parents and children. Child care centers can use the grants to make minor renovations to their facilities in order to meet state and local standards.

North Dakota Child Care Grants

Child care providers in North Dakota can apply for grants to help renovate and/or expand their facilities and for technical assistance. Eligible applicants include for-profit and nonprofit child care providers as well as faith-based organizations if they meet federal guidelines. The grant program requires a 25 percent match of funds in cash from other public and private sources. The maximum amount a child care provider can receive through the program is $15,000, and applicants requesting $750 or less will not be considered. Grants are provided on a one-time reimbursement basis and will not cover ongoing costs.


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