20 Year Anniversary Gifts for Employees

A major part of any company's anniversary celebration is its gifts to its employees. The best gifts will re-enforce the company's mission, history and values, as well as providing something employees will remember and treasure.

New Twists

We're all familiar with trinkets such as mugs, pens and reusable grocery bags with company logos. These gifts by themselves won't be particularly memorable. Taking the time to link these gifts with something special in the company's history, however, can make them special, suggests The History Factory -- for example, a mug or pen that is a replica of the founders from 20 years ago.

Memory Books

Publishing a commemorative book for employees and customers would be a good keepsake. In smaller companies, the owner might compile and present a key manager with an individualized scrapbook featuring that manager's contributions over the years. Alternatively, the owner might compile individual scrapbooks for all employees who have been with the company since it first opened.

Food and Fun

Special events provide another opportunity for a memorable experience, whether they are for employees only or include families as well. These should be celebrations -- not a collection of speeches from company owners and management. Consider whether a sitdown dinner with employees and spouses, a catered lunch, or a family picnic would best fit with your company's tradition and mission.

One pharmaceutical company, in an example cited by AllAmerican Employee Rewards, blended history with entertainment in a series of live performances depicting the organization through its years. A publishing firm, which had a newer headquarters but still had some employees working in its original building, conducted a picnic on the grounds surrounding the original location. The event was budget-friendly, but also reminded employees of how far the company had come. A company picnic or dinner also is a good time to deliver the gifts with flourish -- for example, bring beautifully wrapped gifts out on a plate at dessert time.


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