Florida Requirements for Liability Release

by Justin Johnson; Updated September 26, 2017

Liability is a legal word that essentially means that a person or organization is liable for damages as a result of negligence or some other reason. Liability often creates a monetary debt as a result of the negligent condition or careless act performed. A release of liability releases a person or organization from any and all liability that could be incurred. The state of Florida has a number of laws and statutes regarding release of liability.

Motorsports Activities

Florida law allows for operators of race tracks and other closed automobile courses to require spectators to sign a liability release form when entering a non-spectator area. This law defines a non-spectator area as any area that is designated for race participants. This area is commonly called the Pit Area among racing fans. Additionally, the operator of the racing facility is permitted to require the participants, or non-spectators, of the event to sign a liability release form, releasing them of all liability to the race participant.

Equine Event

Florida law stipulates that participants of an equestrian event must release the operators of the event from all damages, including injury or death. Additionally, sponsors of equestrian events are released from liability to participants. This law is in effect due to the dangerous nature of the event. This law requires that operators of these equestrian event place signs stating that the operators and sponsors are to be released from all liability that could be incurred in such an event.

Product Liability Release

Companies are often liable for damages as a result of injuries or death from the use of their products. As a result, there have been large lawsuits costing these companies millions of dollars. However, companies are permitted to place a liability release on their products as a result of misuse. Additionally, in Florida, cases that involve automobiles are required to be heard by a jury, giving the automaker a chance to present their case before a court.


Liability release forms are necessary for the operator of a business or activity to be released from liability. These liability release forms can be drafted by an attorney. Additionally, liability release forms can be purchased online from a variety of sources. This document should be drafted by someone experienced, as it is a person's first line of defense from being held liable for an injury or death.

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