Veterans Administration Housing Assistance

by Jacquelyn Jeanty ; Updated September 26, 2017

People who serve in the military may undergo extreme conditions unlike any experienced by everyday individuals. The U.S. Veterans Administration provides a range of services for veterans who suffer from the adverse effects of military service. Housing assistance programs provide eligible veterans with assistance in finding housing, as well as with whatever adaptations are needed for that housing to support independent living.

VA Housing Assistance Eligibility

The Veterans Administration has certain eligibility requirements that apply for any assistance benefits offered, including housing assistance program benefits. Eligible veterans must have an active, full-time service record with any of the four branches of military service, or as a commissioned officer with the Environmental Services Administration, Public Health Service or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Eligibility requirements also include the method of discharge from the service. Veterans must have honorable or general discharges on their records.

Homeless Veterans

Veterans make up one-third of adult homeless men and an estimated one-quarter of the total number of homeless individuals, according to Military.com, a veterans resource site. In an effort to reduce these numbers, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development administers the VA Supported Housing Program, or HUD-VASH. Through HUD-VASH, the VA offers permanent housing options for homeless veterans, and provides case management services that assist veterans and their families with learning how to live independently. HUD-VASH consists of three separate programs that offer Section 8 housing assistance, transitional housing assistance, and outreach services designed to locate homeless veterans.

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Senior Veterans

The Veterans Administration provides housing assistance for veteran seniors in need of housing, as well as for veterans who have extended personal care needs. The VA administers programs specifically designed to provide geriatric long-term housing made up of community-based long-term facilities, assisted daily living facilities and facilities that specialize in caring for veterans affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Veteran seniors who have extended personal care needs, such as help with bathing, eating and dressing, can apply for in-home care assistance through the VA’s Aid & Assistance Program. The Aid & Assistance Program enables veterans to maintain residence within their own homes while receiving needed assistance with daily tasks.

Disabled Veterans

Veterans living with service-related disabilities that impair their ability to live independently may qualify for housing assistance through the Specially Adapted Housing Grant Program. The Temporary Residence Adaptation Program provides financial assistance for modifying a veteran’s existing home environment to accommodate a disabling condition, such as being wheelchair-bound. Grant assistance is also available to veterans who want to build an “adapted” home that suits their particular physical needs. Grant awards range anywhere from $2,000 to $14,000 depending on the severity of a person’s disability and financial need.

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