The Advantages of Employee Self Service

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Employee self-service platforms are used by increasing numbers of organizations. Public and privately owned employers use the tools that are generally web-based. With adequate training regarding the tools delivered by qualified human resource professionals, workers can make a variety of changes to their personal records from the privacy of their workspace. It takes less than five minutes to make most of the changes.

Review Personal Data

Employees can review their personal data with the confidence that human resource professionals or/and their managers or supervisors are not also reviewing the private data. Because many self-service tools allow employees to access their personal records at any time, workers can review their data at home or at work. They can also review their records without having to wait for human resource professionals to call them with the personal details, including health insurance policy type, emergency contact information, they want to examine.

Change Direct Deposit Accounts

Direct deposit checking accounts are updated and changed in privacy using employee self service tools. If errors are made to entries, employers and human resource professionals have records that show who made the error. This often reduces the amount of disagreements that are made between employees and human resource professionals regarding changes to employee personal data.

Cost Savings

Employee self-service tools save employers money because they require fewer human resource professionals to make basic changes -- home address, home telephone number -- to employees’ personal records. This allows human resource professionals to spend more time working on high-level strategic initiatives.

Web-Based Reporting Tools

Many employee self service tools are web-based. Not only does this allow employees to make changes to their records 24/7, it also makes it easy for human resource professionals to run reports on employee records. For example, human resources can use self-service tools to run reports that show the numbers of employees at their organization who volunteer with a local charity or who have a Master of Business Administration degree.

Eliminates Confusion

Since employees go into self-service tools directly, there is no need for employees to email or telephone changes they want made to their personal records to human resource professionals. The fewer people who access the information to make changes decreases the likelihood that errors will be made to the records. This eliminates confusion and increases employee record accuracy rates.