How to Make a Fax Cover Sheet

Craig Jewell

Company or Personal Information

At the top of the page, type in your company or personal information. You may want to title it "From" or "Sender." This information should appear in a format similar to that of an address on an envelope, but also include a phone number and fax number. The company name should appear on the first line, the street address on the second line, the city and state on the third, the phone number on the fourth and the fax number on the fifth line.

Recipient Information

Leaving a space or drawing a line below the company information, make room for recipient information. Since this is likely to change each time you send a fax, if you are making a cover sheet as a template, leave blank lines where the recipient's specific information will appear. You may want to title the section "To" or "Recipient." Then, on separate lines, type either "Company" or the specific company information, "Attention:" or the name of the intended recipient, "Phone" or phone number of the recipient, and "Fax" or the fax number of the recipient.


Either by drawing a line or leaving a space below the recipient information, include a section for details about the fax you are sending. This information should include the date, your name, the number of pages included in the fax and your specific contact information (if it is different than the information included in Step 1). This is also the place to identify the fax as confidential, if necessary, or provide information about who the fax should be forwarded to. You may also want to include a line that specifies what the recipient should do if there is a problem with the fax.

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