How to Write a Reminder Letter Online

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Reminder letters are useful when contacting clients who may have forgotten to pay a bill, as well as contacting people to remind them about an appointment or event. For those clients who use email often, you can send a reminder email, which is a very convenient way to reach them quickly. Online letters require detailed attention to every word to ensure that your letter does not sound aggressive or rude, and correct grammar is a must.

Check the accuracy of information you want to remind the person about. Sending out a collection reminder with inaccurate information will confuse and possibly anger a client. Appointment and event reminders should also include accurate information to ensure that individuals will make that appointment or attend that event when they are requested.

Acknowledge the possibility that your information is incorrect or the client has already sent payment. A statement showing that you are only able to see your own records and that you have no other information to which you can refer may help the person who reads the letter understand your objective from your perspective. Acknowledging if the party recently had sent a payment and this payment is not reflected in the letter will curb an angry response from the receiver of the reminder letter.

Be courteous and treat the client as you would like to be treated, if you were sent a reminder letter. Oversights, miscalculations and mitigating circumstances happen in everyone’s lives. Overly rude or disrespectful comments in a financial reminder letter will not help get the money from the person to whom you are sending the letter. Instead, keep the letter precise and discuss only the specifics of the account in a courteous manner — avoiding rude or hurtful remarks.

Include original billing information when sending a reminder letter requesting payment. Many customers will request to see the original billing if they have forgotten what this account is for. To save time, include the original billing in the reminder letter to the client. The original billing information can be a link to the client's account online when you send a reminder letter through email.

Request a response. Asking for a response from the client can include asking for a remittance of payment, a return phone call, an email response or filling out the correct contact information and returning it to you. By asking for a response from the client, in a courteous manner, you are more apt to open the client up to discussing the account and getting a payment from the client.

Provide contact information to reach you. Ensure that you have all your contact information on the reminder email. A physical address or mailing address may not be enough; include email, website, phone and fax numbers to give the client as many ways to reach you as possible.