How to Fax Double-Sided Paper

by Patrick Phelps; Updated September 26, 2017
Two-sided documents are an important part in many office's green initiatives.

As many businesses increase the amount of double-sided printing and copying they do to comply with their green initiatives, the problem of faxing two-sided documents increases. While fax users can use a copier to copy a two-sided document onto two single sheets of paper, doing so decreases productivity and increases cost. The most productive and cost effective way to fax two-sided documents is to use a fax machine capable of duplex faxing.

Step 1

Place the two-sided document into the fax machine's document feeder. Check your user's manual to find out how many sheets of paper the document feeder can accommodate.

Step 2

Press the "Duplex Fax" button. Some duplex fax machines have this feature-button labeled as "Two-Sided Faxing."

Step 3

Enter the number of the fax machine you want to send the fax to using the numeric keypad. Some offices require that a "9" be dialed prior to the fax number in order to connect to an outside line. Check with your IT staff to learn about any faxing requirements.

Step 4

Press the "Start" button to begin transmitting your fax. The fax machine will scan both sides of each document in the feeder into its memory and will then begin transmitting the fax.

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