How to Get a Pennsylvania IFTA Sticker

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Obtain a Pennsylvania IFTA sticker from the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. The International Fuel Tax Agreement was implemented in Pennsylvania in 1996. Motor carrier owners based in the state pay annual taxes. Pennsylvania reports the tax information to additional jurisdictions handled by the vehicle. Additional taxes owed are distributed from taxes already paid to the state of Pennsylvania. Carrier owners open an account with the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue and obtain a sticker for each vehicle in operation.

Obtain a company of the International Fuel Tax Agreement application. Download and print the application from the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue website or call and request a copy. Find contact information in the local phone directory under state listings.

Review the application form. Verify IFTA stickers are required for the vehicle. Per the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, motor carriers transport passengers, property or household goods between points for compensation. Vehicles also must have two axles and a gross weight exceeding 26,000 pounds. Three axle vehicles always are required to obtain an IFTA sticker regardless of weight. Carriers that operate infrequently outside the state do not require stickers; obtain non-IFTA stickers for these vehicles.

Complete page one of the application. Only vehicle owners with a Pennsylvania address can apply for IFTA stickers in Pennsylvania. Provide a trade name and Social Security or employer identification number currently attached to the business. List contact information for all owners, including Social Security numbers. Specify business structure, business activity and fuel type used during operation. Providing incomplete or incorrect information delays processing.

Indicate how many stickers are required for vehicles that travel outside the state on line 9a of the application. Place the number for vehicles operating exclusively within the state on line 9b. Add the numbers on line 9a and 9b. Place the sum on line 9c. Multiply the number located on line 9c by five. Place the calculated amount on line 9d.

Complete page two of the application. Provide information about operational jurisdictions and any previously issued IFTA credentials. Sign and date page two.

Purchase a money order or write a check to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue for the amount listed on line 9d of the application. Attach the check or money order to the application on the center left side of the first page using a stapler or tape.

Address an envelope. The application mailing address is provided on page one of the application in the upper left hand corner. Place the application and required fees inside. Affix proper postage. As of May 2011, first-class postage costs $0.44. For added security, take the letter to the post office. Purchase delivery confirmation for an additional $0.70 or $0.80 and receive a tracking number. After a few days, contact the postal service and give the tracking number. Receive information regarding the day and time your application was delivered.

Wait two to three weeks to receive IFTA stickers. Renew stickers on an annual basis.

Place stickers on both sides of each operating vehicle cab, making sure they are clearly visible.


  • File quarterly tax reports with the revenue after receiving IFTA stickers. Report no mileage activity for any given quarter. Submit a new request after obtaining a new vehicle. IFTA stickers are non-transferable. Notify the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue in writing of account changes or cancellations.


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