How to Edit L1 & L2 With the TI-84

by Quinten Plummer; Updated September 26, 2017

The "L1" and "L2" lists, found in Texas Instrument's graphing calculators, can help to increase your productivity. You can recall variables and equations stored in the "L1" and "L2" lists on your TI-84 calculator, along with the four other sequentially numbered list slots. And if the data in the "L1," "L2," or any of the other list slots is no longer relevant, you can edit your lists with your TI-84's "Stat List Editor."

Step 1

Power on your TI-84. Press the calculator's "On" button.

Step 2

Press the TI-84's "Stat" button. Press the "Enter" button to select the "Edit" option from the "Stat" menu. The "Stat List Editor" menu will appear.

Step 3

Use the TI-84's arrow buttons to move to either the "L1" or "L2" column in the "Stat List Editor."

Step 4

Move the blinking cursor over the value of the "L1" or "L2" data that you'd like to replace. Enter the new character.

Step 5

Press the "Del" button to delete a value. Press the "2nd" button, followed by the "INS" button, to insert a value into your list's equation.

Step 6

Press the "Clear" and "Enter" buttons at the same time to undo the deletion of a value.

Step 7

Press the "Enter" button, and then press the "Up" arrow to store your changes to L1 and L2. Press "2nd," "Quit" to exit the "Stat List Editor."

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