How to Calculate Slope Using the TI-83 Plus

by Whitney Jennings; Updated September 26, 2017

TI calculators are manufactured by Texas Instruments. The TI-83 Plus is a calculator with graphing functions and scientific calculator abilities, and is allowed for use on many standardized exams. Finding the slope of a line is just one of many functions that the TI-83 Plus calculator can perform, and it can be easily accomplished using the proper keystrokes.

Step 1

Press "STAT" on the calculator keypad and hit "Enter." This will take you to the "STAT" edit screen.

Step 2

Clear the data that is in the L1 and L2 spaces. Clear data by selecting it with the arrow key and pressing the "CLEAR" button.

Step 3

Enter two coordinate points into L1 and L2. You enter your equation's "x-values" into the L1 column and the "y-values" into the L2 columns. For example, if your problem has two coordinate points of (1, -5) and (-3, 6), then your L1 column would have the numbers 1 and -3, while your L2 column would have 6 and -5.

Step 4

Press the "STAT" button again. This will take you back to the "STAT" screen.

Step 5

Highlight and select "CALC" by moving your cursor with the arrow keys.

Step 6

Scroll down and select the "LinReg(ax+b)" function.

Step 7

Press the "Enter" key. This will calculate the slope of the line, using the coordinates you entered in Step 3.

Step 8

Find the slope of the line by looking for the "a=" value. This value is your slope.

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