How to Write a 30-Day Notice From a Tenant to a Roommate

by Jennifer VanBaren; Updated September 26, 2017

A tenant is a person who signs a lease with a landlord for a rented property. The tenant can allow a roommate to live with him in return for a monthly fee. The roommate is generally not listed on the lease and therefore the tenant has the right to ask him to leave. When a tenant decides to give a roommate a 30-day notice, he must write him a letter and present it to him. Every state has different rules regarding 30-day notices so it is important to find out the specifics of your state.

Step 1

Determine the reason. When a tenant gives a 30-day notice to a roommate, he must consider if the reason is valid or not. Several common reasons that are valid are for non-payment of rent or if the roommate is not abiding by a previously set agreement.

Step 2

Date the letter. Begin a 30-day notice by stating the date of the notice. Include a letter title such as “30 Day Notice.”

Step 3

State the roommate’s name. Write the roommate’s name and address at the top of the letter. Begin the letter by writing “Dear” followed by the roommate’s name.

Step 4

Write the body of the letter. Explain to the roommate that you are giving him a 30-day notice to move out of the property. Include the property address and explain the reason for the request. Give details that explain if he fails to vacate, you will take the appropriate legal action to have him and his belongings removed by the date.

Step 5

Include the effective date. The letter itself is a 30-day notice, but you must also include the actual date by which he should vacate the premises.

Step 6

Sign the letter. At the very end of the letter, sign your name by writing “Sincerely” followed by your signature and printed name.

Step 7

Mail the letter. It is more formal to mail the letter than to hand-deliver it. You can also send it certified mail to ensure he receives the notice.

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