How to Write Job Descriptions for Customer Service Jobs

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A job description is vital to the job market and any potential employer or manager needs to write the description clearly. When the job description is not clear, it leads to confusion when a worker is hired because the interpretation of job duties based on the description might differ. In a customer service job position, the description is usually relatively simple because the main purpose of the job is helping the customer. The exact description will vary depending on the position and the type of service provided, but the basics remain the same for any customer service position.

Write the specific title of the position. Customer service positions might include phone support, technical support, cashier positions or even direct sales in stores, depending on the company, the customer and the type of work. For example, write “cashier” or “sales representative” or “phone representative.”

Describe what area of customer service the position entails, such as complaints, support, technical support or sales. Include the information about the department show where the individual would be working.

Describe the duties of the position. For a customer service position, the information might include empathy for customer problems, knowledge of the products, improvement suggestions for customers, troubleshooting for company products and a polite and friendly attitude.

Include any necessary education. Education will vary depending on the position. For example, a cashier might only need a high school diploma or might even be a high school student, while a position in technical support for customers might requires a two or four year degree in technology-based studies. The education requirements will vary depending on the needs of the position and the company.