Writing a bonus letter, also sometimes called an employee recognition letter, is an important and pleasurable task in any business. Giving bonuses for good work helps maintain morale in the workplace and encourages more efficient, high quality work from your staff. When writing a bonus letter, try to do so in a timely matter so the event(s) that triggered the positive feedback is still in recent memory.

Step 1.

Address the worker informally. Usually writing on a first name basis is sufficient. For example, write "Dear Ellen" instead of using a title with her last name.

Step 2.

Get to the point quickly. A bonus letter does not need to be long. The first paragraph should describe exactly what the bonus is that the worker has achieved without leading to any confusion. Whether this is money, a gift card or extra vacation time, do not try to pass it off as more or less than it is as this could just lead to frustration for you and the worker.

Step 3.

Explain exactly what the worker did to earn the bonus. Describe the event or action in a thankful way and encourage the same type of behavior in the future.

Step 4.

Use symbolism or metaphors to explain what the bonus means and how the worker's actions positively impacted the organization. Thank the worker.

Step 5.

Wrap up with a normal formal signature such as "Sincerely," and sign and print your name on the line below in the normal fashion.