How to Get a Sponsor for a Team

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Teams of all kinds look for organizations to become sponsors for them. A sponsor pays a specified amount of money which is used by the team for expenses. In return, the team provides advertisement for the sponsor. Teams, ranging from little leagues to professional basketball teams, need sponsors. A team generally forms a committee which meets together and determines the ways in which they will find sponsors.

Determine the sponsorship duties. Prior to finding a sponsor for a team, the committee must determine what the duties of the sponsors will be. Typically, sponsors have only one duty which is providing a specified amount of money. This amount of money is determined by the committee by calculating how much money is needed and how many sponsors are needed. The total amount of money needed is divided by the number of needed sponsors. This amount becomes the duty of the sponsor to pay.

Decide what advertising will occur. Often times, the type of advertising offered in exchange for a sponsorship, is done through printing the sponsor’s name on the team’s shirts. Another type of advertising commonly done is by printing a list of all sponsor’s names in a thank-you ad in the local newspaper. For larger teams, more extensive advertising is conducted.

Send letters. Sending letters to potential sponsors is one avenue used to get sponsors. The letters should announce to the potential sponsors what the organization is looking for in a sponsor, the cost of the sponsorship and the advertising that will be done in exchange. Include in the letter, that a follow-up phone call will occur and ask the potential sponsor to consider choosing this form of advertising.

Make phone calls. Another way to get sponsors for a team is by making phone calls. Create a list of local organizations that are potential sponsors. Begin calling each one stating who you are and what you’re looking for.

Visit local businesses. Going door to door is another method that works well for obtaining sponsors. When choosing this method, be sure to have a flyer or brochure that explains what the sponsorship involves. Leave the flyer with the business after conducting a brief meeting with the owner or manager.

Make follow-up calls. After letters and phone calls have been made, follow up with each business that has not agreed yet to become a sponsor. Be sure to answer any questions they have and thank them for considering this activity.