How to Set Goals With a Worksheet

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Goal setting is an important part of life, whether you are working on personal goals or business-related goals. Having goals keeps you motivated and gives you a benchmark for what you have achieved and what you have left to accomplish. Set goals with a worksheet by outlining achievable goals with specified deadlines. While it important to have goals you can achieve, it is equally important your goals present a challenge. Use a goal worksheet to help you plan and follow through on your achievements.

Decide what it is you want to achieve. For example, if you want to own your own business, write that down.

Describe your goal. If you want to own a business by summer, name a specific date and write down the name of the business and how much money you will need to put away to start your business. Describe details, such as how many clients you will need to have to succeed and what type of office equipment you will want to buy.

Break the time frame of your goal into small chunks and use those chunks as checkpoints for measuring your success or to re-evaluate your goals.

Decide on a deadline for your goal and make sure the deadline is realistic. If your deadline is two weeks away, and you have not started saving any money or you have not applied for a business loan, it might make sense to change your goal to having a certain amount of money saved, or to have applied for the business loan in two weeks.

Write down why you want to achieve this goal. It may be something like you do not enjoy your present job and you want to work for yourself, or maybe you just want to make more money. Write down the reason why you are setting this goal to remind yourself of your goal if you become discouraged.

List the obstacles that you may run into while achieving this goal, and list how you are going to overcome these obstacles. For example, if you are applying for a business loan, write down ideas you might have to raise money if you do not get the loan.

Write down at least three qualities that you have that will help you to reach this goal. For example, you might list that you are financially responsible, organized and detail-oriented.

List people who will provide support to help you accomplish your goal. Write down their name, phone number, and email address. Commit to checking in with these people once a week.

Decide what you will do if your plan doesn't work. Write down two to three alternatives for your goal. For example, you could list that if you do not achieve your goal you will commit one hour a week to finding a new job that you do enjoy.