How to Join a Class Action Lawsuit Against Marlboro Lights

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Tobacco is the most regulated industry for advertising in the United States. In 2001, the National Cancer Institute reported that "light" or "low tar" cigarettes were just as harmful as regular tobacco. In 2009, the Massachusetts Supreme Court rejected the argument that the term "light" in cigarette ads is protected under the Federal Cigarette and Advertising Act. Big tobacco companies have had its share of class action law suits over the last decade. If you believe you been wronged by Marlboro (Philip Morris) there may be an active class action lawsuit you can join.

Visit your local court house to search public records. You can gain a lot of information regarding a lawsuit against Marlboro Lights from the court records. This information includes the names of the petitioners ("the class") and the law firm that represents them.

Locate the lawyers and the law firms that represents the petitioners in the class action lawsuit. There may more than one firm involved. Contact the firm and schedule a meeting to discuss joining the lawsuit against Marlboro. An attorney must file an amendment to the complaint with the court to include your name on the class action lawsuit.

Create an account on the website "Class Action World" to search for active class action lawsuits against Marlboro Lights or Philip Morris. The website keeps an updated list of class action suits that have been filed in court. Register a username and password for full access to their database.

Advertise that you are looking for information regarding class action lawsuits against Marlboro Lights. Post ads in newspapers and on Internet discussion boards and social media/networking sites.

Talk with your friends and family. Find out if they know about any active class action lawsuits against Marlboro Lights. They may want to join the case too if they have been affected by the cigarette company.


  • Check your mail. Individuals who may have a part in a class action lawsuit should receive written notification from the law firm/lawyer representing the case.


  • Most class action lawsuits are very stressful. They can last years before a settlement is reached. Make sure you want to participate in the process before joining a lawsuit.



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