How to Become a Coach in Texas


Becoming a coach in Texas takes a combination of skill, charisma and education, as well as a passion for teaching a particular sport. You'll need good training and strong people skills to move through the ranks and become a coach in Texas.

Know Your Sport

Most individuals who want to be coaches have a deep love for the sport they want to teach. They may have played football in high school or were a star basketball player in college. Whatever the sport, a good coach will not only need to know the rules of the game and play well, they need to have the ability to teach strategy and techniques to others. Coaches also need to have historical knowledge and an understanding of what makes a successful team.

Identify What's Required

Since coaching jobs are usually at middle or high schools, you will need a bachelor's degree. For example, if you are interested in coaching football, start the process by getting your Texas Teacher Certification. While it may be possible to go straight into coaching without teaching, the most likely way for you to coach is by first becoming a teacher and contributing as a volunteer to your neighborhood team.

Get Certified

Earning a certification for teaching a subject at a grade level you would like to teach will expedite your search process. Texas has shortages in science, technology applications, math and bilingual education. Passing a test will give you a competitive edge and make your resume more marketable.

Look for the Need

Many schools in Texas don't have the budget to maintain an ongoing sports program. To gain experience, considering volunteering or working as an assistant coach in one of these areas. This will fill a need in a current school and give you the valuable experience to build a team, much like Eric Taylor in the hit show, Friday Night Lights.

Stay Open to Learning

Training and learning should be ongoing. For example, in basketball, one of the primary duties of both assistant and head basketball coaches is watching game tapes and breaking down the actions and strategies of teams and players. Watching all levels of basketball games and learning how to reorganize various offenses and defenses can make or break your success as a team.

Encourage Your Players

As the leader of your team, you have to help your players develop their own talents, skills and confidence. Your role as a coach will be to encourage teamwork and motivate your players even when it seems there may be a loss on the horizon. You also need to cultivate an environment of respect and communication among the team and their competitors. Coaches always need to model ideal behavior and follow up their words with action.



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