How to Refill Ink in an AccuStamp

by William Adkins - Updated September 26, 2017

You can replace the venerable rubber stamp and accompanying ink pad on your desk with self-inking stamps sold by companies like AccuStamp. AccuStamps are available with standard messages such as “Void,” “Fragile” and “Paid,” or you can also order custom stamps to suit your needs. The ink supply lasts a long time, but eventually you have to refill it.

AccuStamp Refill Guide

You can purchase AccuStamp Refill Ink at office supply stores in a variety of colors, or order refills online at the AccuStamp website. Wear rubber gloves so you don’t stain your hands and place some paper under the stamp to catch any spills. Remove the cover from the AccuStamp. Squeeze a little ink over the surface of the stamp plate. A few drops are enough. Replace the cover and wait a few seconds for the ink to distribute. Make an impression on some scrap paper. Add more ink if the image is faint. A blurred impression means you added too much ink. Continue stamping on scrap paper until the image clears.

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