How to Set Time on an Amano MJR Time Clock

Amano is a Japanese electronics company with operations in the United States. The company specializes in making employee time management systems (clock-in machines) and parking meters. The MJR is a time management system for employees to use to clock in to and out from work. In order to change the time on an Amano MJR, you will need to use the manager key to access the "Clock and Calendar Programming Area." You might need to change the time on your Amano MJR during daylight saving time to ensure clock in and clock out times are accurate.

Insert your manager key into the Amano MJR and turn it.

Press "1," then "0," then "E" on the front of the machine.


Press "0" three times, then press "3."

Enter the hour and minutes using the number keys in 24-hour clock format. For example, enter 2:04pm as "1404."


Press "E" twice to confirm.

Press the "I" key to save the data into memory.

Turn the manager key back to "Normal" mode when you are finished.