Programming Instructions for a Royal Cash Register Alpha 580

by David Hoskins; Updated September 26, 2017

The Royal Alpha 580 is a business friendly cash register. The Alpha 580 is capable of categorizing merchandise in 40 departments with a preset price and tax rate for each department. You can program each department with a name for convenience. Up to 500 Price Look-Ups, or PLUs, are available for fast item entry during checkout. The quick-start programming will allow you to be up and running in minutes.

Step 1

Initialize your register. Unplug the register, insert the manager’s program key into the control lock and turn to “PRG.” Hold down the clear key and plug in the register.

Step 2

Set the date in year-month-day format. Press “1”, “QTY/TIME”, enter the date (19810914 for September 14, 1981, for example), then press “AMT TEND/TOTAL.”

Step 3

Set the time in military format. Press “2”, “QTY/TIME”, enter the time (1300 for 1:00 p.m., for example), then press “AMT TEND/TOTAL.”

Step 4

Set Tax Rounding to the nearest whole number. Press “3” and “RA/+%,” then enter “005” and press “AMT TEND/TOTAL.”

Step 5

Set a single fixed tax rate. Press “1” and “PO/-%,” enter the tax rate (50000 = 5% and 65000 = 6.5%, for example), then press “AMT TEND/TOTAL.” Set up to four different tax rates by repeating this step but changing the first number.

Step 6

Set a description or name for a department. Press “DEPARTMENT #” (# representing the number of the department you want to name) and “EC/VOID,” enter the description (12 characters maximum), then press “AMT TEND/TOTAL.”

Step 7

Set a department with a preset price and tax in the following format: “Price,” “DEPARTMENT #,” “Tax Number,” “EC/VOID,” and then “AMT TEND/TOTAL.” For example, department 2 is taxable under tax rate 1 with a preset price of $1.50: “150,” “DEPARTMENT 2,” “00001,” “EC/VOID,” “AMT TEND/TOTAL.” You can skip entering the price and enter “00000” if the department is nontaxable.

Step 8

Set a PLU in the following format: “PLU #,” “PLU,” “Price,” “DEPARTMENT #,” “Product Description,” “AMT TEND/TOTAL.” The “Department #” sets the tax rate for the PLU (for tax rates equal to department 1 enter, “DEPARTMENT 1”). Enter a 12-character maximum product description. For example, to set PLU #1 with a $2.50 price with a tax rate equal to Department 2 and a description of “Pie”: “1,” “PLU,” “250,” “DEPARTMENT 2,” “P,” ”I,” ”E,” “AMT TEND/TOTAL.” After the first PLU is entered, the register will automatically move the PLU # to the next number. When all PLUs have been programmed, press “#/ST/NS” to finish.

Step 9

Print the following confirmation reports: Tax Rate Report--Press ”PLU/ALT,” then “PO/-%” Department Report--Press ”PLU/ALT,” then “DEPARTMENT #” All PLU Confirmation Report--Press ”PLU/ALT,” then “PLU” Range PLU Confirmation Report--Press “PLU #,” ”PLU/ALT,” “PLU End #,” then “PLU”


  • When programming is finished, turn the manager’s program key to “REG” to begin normal operations.

    See the owner’s manual for detailed instructions on advanced programming and operating the register.


  • Install backup batteries before programming to protect data in case you lose electricity.

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