How to Advertise in Church Bulletins

by Michelle Barry; Updated September 26, 2017
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Church bulletins are printed and distributed to at masses or church services. They typically relay the readings and speakers of the day as well as details about church news or upcoming events. Some churches raise money by selling the advertising space in the church bulletin to local companies and businesses. A church group offers a broad demographic covering many target audiences, making the bulletins an ideal fit for many companies at a relatively low cost compared to television or newspaper advertising.

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Step 1

Contact local churches and ask to speak to the person who manages the church bulletin or the person in charge of handling community relations or church communications.

Step 2

Inquire as to the rates of advertising, including the ad sizes available and the frequency discount, if applicable.

Step 3

Ask about online advertising. This could be a more economical option and one that will have impact with the technologically savvy church members. Some churches put their bulletins online as well and advertising space might be available.

Step 4

Create an ad according to the size specifications agreed upon with the church coordinator. Use a design program such as Photoshop to create the ad or create a simple ad in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

Step 5

Incorporate church values and messaging in the ad. For example, if you run a local landscaping business, craft the ad with the angle: "Neighbors helping neighbors -- invigorate local economy by supporting a local business."

Step 6

Include all pertinent business information, such as a contact number, website, business hours and services available by the business.

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