How do I Become a Janome Dealer?

by CiCi Jackson; Updated September 26, 2017

Janomes are a brand name of sewing machines. Janome sewing machines have existed since the 1920s, and through the years have established a high quality reputation. Janome dealers are licensed manufacturers and sellers of different Janome sewing machine models. To apply to become a Janome dealer, contact Janome America, Inc. in New Jersey.

Items you will need

  • Knowledge of sewing and Janome sewing machines
  • Warehouse
  • Inventory of Janome sewing machines
  • Website
  • Business license or permit

How to Become a Janome Dealer

Step 1

Learn about sewing and the variety of Janome sewing machine products through the Internet, written and store research. Dealers should be knowledgeable of the items they produce and sell.

Step 2

Secure a warehouse or distribution center to store the Janome items. The size of the warehouse or distribution center should be based upon the number of items you plan to offer.

Step 3

Build an inventory of Janome sewing machines. Initial investment into products will be necessary to develop a client base. Janome machines can cost from under $100 per machine to well over $500 per machine, so capital start-ups to stock supplies could vary from $10,000 to $50,000 or more. Of course, Janome dealers get substantial discounts on machine purchases. Contact Janome America, Inc. for more information.

Step 4

Create a professional website to market products.

Step 5

Obtain a business license or permit through the local county government office.

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