How to Assemble Office Partitions

by Robert Kohnke; Updated September 26, 2017

Office partitions, commonly referred to as cubicles, provide privacy and personal space for many workers, while not taking up the space required to build full offices. Office partitions are portable and storable, which makes them an effective, worthy expenditure for most offices. Two people can typically assemble a cubicle in less than 15 minutes.

Step 1

Stand two partition panels next to one another. Set a metal connector plate on the top and bottom of each panel. Each panel is made with grooves on top and bottom that allow all of the prefabricated connector pieces to easily snap into place on them.

Step 2

Connect the two panels at a 90-degree angle by securing them with an angle connector on both the top and bottom of the panels.

Step 3

Attach the end of one panel to the face, or side, of another. This results in a “T” shape. Secure the panels using a T-connector on the top and bottom of the panels.

Step 4

Secure four panels together so that the ends of each butt up against one another, creating a cross. This shape is secured using the flat bar cross-connector on the top and bottom of the panels.

Step 5

Combine these various shapes to form the cubicles that you desire. Orient a right-angle section against the short side of a T-section to produce a nearly solid square. Leave an opening to allow entrance.

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