How do I Clear Waiting Jobs or the Memory in a Brother Intellifax 2800?

by Nick Davis; Updated September 26, 2017
The right keypad combination will clear the memory on a Brother Intellifax 2800.

A Brother Intellifax 2800 fax will store faxes in its internal memory for processing before it is sent to its destination. When multiple faxes are in the machine, each document is sent one after another. If the Brother Intellifax 2800 is experiencing technical problems, such as disconnecting while transmitting a fax or another problem, the waiting jobs may crash the fax machine's internal memory. The fax jobs need to be manually deleted to clear the device's memory and return the Brother Intellifax 2800 to a working state.

Step 1

Press the “Menu/Set” button on the front of the machine. Press the “2” button then the “6” button on the machine's keypad.

Step 2

Press the up or down arrow key to navigate to the first job in the fax machine's memory.

Step 3

Press the “Menu/Set” button to clear the job from the machine's memory.

Step 4

Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each job in the machine's memory.

Step 5

Press the “Stop/Exit” button to return the fax machine to a working state.


  • If the machine experiences an “Out of Memory” error and stops receiving or sending a fax, press the “Stop/Exit” button, then attempt to clear the memory.

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