How to Send a Fax to Korea

by Palmer Owyoung; Updated September 26, 2017
Sending a fax to South Korea is like sending a fax anywhere else.

A fax is an electronic document that is sent between two machines. If you have business in Korea, you may have to fax legal or business documents there to get them approved or reviewed. Sending a fax to Korea is really no different than sending one anywhere else. You just need to know the correct phone number and have it addressed to the right recipient. You might want to remember the time difference while you're at it.

Step 1

Find the fax number of the recipient. The country code for Korea is “82” so it will begin with that.

Step 2

Enter the International dialing code into your fax machine. This is “011.” Follow that with “82” for Korea, then enter the recipient's fax number, including the loca area code (for example, "2" for Seoul, "51" for Busan). Thus, the full number (for Seoul) would look like this: 011-82-2-XXX-XXXX.

Step 3

Insert the document that you wish to fax into the machine and press “Send.” If the document was successfully sent you will usually get a confirmation notice.

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