How To Obtain a Police Check

by Joanne Cichetti; Updated September 26, 2017
Obtianing a police check isn't too difficult.

A police check, also known as criminal records check or certificate of good conduct, is a document that verifies a citizen's good conduct and proves that you are free of any criminal charges. Being a United States citizen, you may be asked to present this certificate for a number of reasons. For example, if you’re looking for a new job, your employer might ask you for a police check to make sure you’ve never been involved in any criminal activities. A police check also is required if you’re sending an application for adoption.

Step 1

Call the local police department and ask them the requirements for obtaining a police check. When on the phone, ask them if you have to come down there in person or if you can process the application online.

Step 2

Follow the police’s requirements when filling out the request form. You will most likely need to give them a proof of identity (your passport or driver’s license).

Step 3

Contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation if you want to get a federal check, in addition to the local police check (see References). You will need to fill a particular form that can be obtained from the FBI office. You will need to have your fingerprints on the form and send it along with a money order or cashier’s check (for $18, as of 2010) to the FBI office.

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