How to Become a Traverus Travel Agent

by Kenneth W. Michael Wills; Updated September 26, 2017

Traverus travel was established as a travel agency over 26 years ago, but in 2006 formed a network marketing division, offering anyone an opportunity to become a travel agent. Traverus supports its travel agents with a national online radio show called Traverus Celebrity Talk, an online travel portal and online technology for travel bookings. Becoming a Traverus independent travel agent incorporates a process involving a visit to the corporate website, clicking the “join us” link and following the instructions to sign up as an independent travel agent.

Items you will need

  • Valid street address for shipping (no PO boxes)
  • Major credit card
Step 1

Go to the Traverus corporate website and select the link title “Join Us.” Potential travel agents need to be aware that the sign-up application appears in a pop-up window and those using Internet Explorer will need to enable pop-ups in order to view the form when prompted by Internet Explorer.

Step 2

Select a country by clicking on either the United States or International, depending on the applicant’s location.

Step 3

Decide the type of package to sign-up for. Applicants have two options, either a business basic package or an advanced business package. Traverus lists all the differences between the two packages on their website, including extra support services provided by the advanced business package. Applicants should investigate both packages in detail before signing up. The fees for the packages are $129.95 for the basic and $499.95 for the advanced. All travel agents are required to sell at least one travel package per month to retain their status as an independent travel agent.

Step 4

Complete the sign-up form including filling in all details required and submitting payment for the chosen business package.


  • All travel agents will find the option to complete travel agent training as included with their business package. Traverus advises all agents to complete this training to improve sales and to get the business up and running.


  • This is a network marketing opportunity and prospective agents must keep in mind the key to making substantial profit resides with recruiting other agents rather than selling products and services. Recruiting creates reoccurring income, where products sales only create income when products are sold. Those seeking to sell travel products and services only may find the opportunity disappointing financially.

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