How to Buy Shares on the Taiwan Stock Exchange

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Since Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) started trading in February 1962, it has been the primary Taiwanese stock exchange. Companies traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange are mostly Taiwan-based firms. Buying stocks traded on the TWSE allows investors to gain access to one of Asia's most dynamic economies and a world power in the semiconductor industry.

Define how much money you would like to invest in Taiwanese shares. Remember that investing in the stocks of emerging markets involves a significant degree of risk, and the Taiwanese stock market can be greatly affected by possible emerging market crises, such the 1997 Asian financial crisis.

Open an account with a well-established broker that has access to the Taiwan Stock Exchange stocks. Your buy and sell orders will be forwarded by your broker to a TWSE stockbroker who will execute them on the exchanges' trading floor or in its computer trading system. Major brokers have good working relations with Taiwanese stockbrokers, whereas little-known brokers can have difficulties getting the shares you want at the best available price.

Deposit the funds you set aside for buying Taiwanese shares. You can do that by a wire transfer; it will take about 2 to 5 days for your broker to receive it and deposit the funds in your trading account.

Study the Taiwanese stock market for a while. Learn what factors make it rise or fall. What is the prevailing trend: is there a bear (falling) market or a bull (rising) market? What impact do the developments in the Taiwanese economy have on the TWSE?

You can broaden your knowledge of the market by reading books on the Taiwan stock exchange. Be certain that the books you choose are recent and have been written by renowned authors, preferably with first-hand trading or investing experience.

Buy the stocks you think will rise the most in value. You can base your decisions on the knowledge you will already have as a result of close examination of the Taiwan stock market and from the books you will have read. You can also consult expert stock opinions and tips.


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