How to Load a San Jamar Paper Towel Dispenser

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San Jamar specializes in washroom products. San Jamar paper towel dispensers are suitable for refilling by anyone, which reduces maintenance costs. Models come in electronic touchless, lever roll, folded towel, non-portion controlled roll, center pull and mechanical hands-free. Loading the dispenser is a two or three step operation and basic concepts of opening the dispenser, inserting the paper and closing the dispenser apply to all the models.

Roll Towel Dispensers

Open the cover and load the paper on to the tube. Paper can hang from the front or back.

Pull down and drape the paper. Pinch the paper between the two rollers.


Close the cover. Automatic, battery operated dispensers will feed the first sheet. Lever roll models require you to feed the first sheet with the lever.


Folded Towel Dispensers

Insert the key in the top of the dispenser and push down. The cover will open.


Add a stack of towels. The folded edge should be down.


Close the cover.

Non-Portion Control and Center Pull Dispensers

Open the cover.

Insert the roll. Allow some paper to drape through the slot.


Close the cover.

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