How to Erase Zwipes Ink

Each Mead Zwipes marker features a double-nub design with a permanent ink marker on one end of the marker’s barrel, an Ink Unlocker (solvent) dispenser nub at the other end and foam erasers on the end caps. The Ink Unlocker solvent breaks the permanent ink down into a form similar to dry erase marker inks for easy removal from non-porous surfaces such as plastic. As long as the surface on which you write is non-porous, erasing Zwipes permanent ink only requires the use of the Ink Unlocker and one of the foam erasers.

Remove the cap from the Ink Unlocker nub end of your Zwipes marker.

Rub the nub over areas where you have written with the Zwipes permanent ink as desired. Erase the transformed ink from the surface with one of the foam erasers.

Keep in mind that you may not be able to erase Zwipes ink from porous or finished surfaces, which absorb permanent ink. Attempt to remove the ink first with a pink eraser or melamine resin foam eraser. If this doesn't work, test the Ink Unlocker or another type of ink solvent, such as rubbing alcohol, on an inconspicuous area of the material before trying to remove the ink. A solvent may create a smudged mess or damage the surface material and break down or dissolve finishes.


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