How Can I Open Up an Online Bakery?

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If you are a baker who is dying to sell your most delicious baked goods, an online bakery business can give you a market. Having an online bakery business means being able to work in the comfort of your home while having a product sold and shipped to locations all over the world. Keep in mind that the most difficult step is getting your kitchen licensed and approved by your state.

License your kitchen by first checking with your state health department for its requirements and instructions. Every state differs, but many require specific refrigeration techniques and baking procedures, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. Make sure your kitchen follows their guidelines before setting up a licensing appointment.

Create or find a website to sell your product, according the article "White Bread & Green Dough" on Many websites process sales of homemade baked goods, but these usually a small fee. Having your own website specifically for your company may be less expensive in the long run.

Market your online bakery by sending samples to local businesses or coffee shops, taking the goods to farmers markets and paying for online advertising, advises.

Experiment until you find a good shipping method and packaging for your products. For an online bakery, being able to ship the item without it breaking or expiring is essential, according to Practice shipping your baked goods to make sure they arrive safely and quickly.

Focus on the quality of your products and brand. Perfect the recipes, since happy customers will make repeat orders.


  • Not all states allow residential kitchens to be licensed. Check with the state health department to see if your state is included. If they do not license residential kitchens, consider renting a small commercial kitchen.