How to Become an Authorized Apple Reseller

by Daryl Potter ; Updated September 26, 2017
Authorized Apple Resellers receive a vendor discount for standard and customized Apple products.

Being an Apple Authorized Reseller allows you to expand your company's line of products to include the full range of Apple electronics and computers. You will be able to buy and resell customized Apple products and provide some repair services.

Assemble the required documents for Apple's online vendor application. You will need to submit digital copies of your business license, business liability insurance and photos of your business. The photos of your business should show a clean, professional location that is consistent with Apple's image as a premium computer and electronics vendor.

Request at least three reference letters from professional contacts. According to the Apple Channel Programs website, reference letters typically come from established clients, vendors and/or industry-related professionals who can comment on previous experiences with your business.

Read the terms of Apple's trademark policy and ensure that your business does not violate any of these terms. Your business should not use the Apple and related names in a way that may be misleading and photos of your business should not show you using the Apple trademark to sell your current products.

Apply to be an Authorized Apple Reseller at the Apple Channels Program website.

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